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Welcome to Chicago's Best Free Pub Trivia Game!

Whaddayaknow? Free Pub Trivia Chicago

Here’s an easy question: Do you enjoy hanging out with your friends, fun social atmospheres, and winning great prizes? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Whaddayaknow? Free Pub Trivia nights provide all of the above with the best trivia nights in the city. Put that knowledge you have stored up to good use and come on out and play!

Whaddayaknow? Free Pub Trivia Chicago provides the perfect activity for a night out with friends both old and new, a date, or just an excuse to get out and experience one of the many great restaurants and bars in our wonderful city and surrounding area. It simply entails good food/drink/company, getting the brain juices flowing, an extremely fun, social atmosphere, and a chance to win fantastic prizes! Best of all – it’s always free to play. Come on out and join us for a great time.

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Friday Nights:

Merkle’s Bar and Grill, 3516 N. Clark Avenue (Wrigleyville): 7:00pm

Latest News:

The Field for the TOC VI is set!

August 5, 2013

Here is the field for the Sixth Edition of Chicago’s PREMIERE Pub Trivia Event – The Whaddayaknow? Tournament of Champions! “Go Big & Go Home” will be looking to defend their title from last summer. The big event is this Saturday at Joe’s on Weed Street – good luck to everyone!


Team Name (Location qualified at – no particular order) (+1 indicates Facebook Bonus Point)

Steak Me Home Tonight (Waterhouse Tavern) +1

Poundtrain (Wheel House) +1

Sandusky Shower Buddies (Mystic Celt) +1

Molecular Orbital Theory (New Line Tavern) +1

Should Have Been Swallowed (Bad Dog Tavern) +1

Show Me On The Dolly Where the Bad Man Touched You (Logan Bar)

Clitterati (Bridget McNeill’s Pub) +1

Swampmonster (Chuck’s Southern Comforts Café) +1

It’s A Plunderful Life (The Green Lady) +1

Wasted Talent (3 Corners Grill & Tap)  +1

Fightin’ Chirish (The Green Lady) +1

Token Guys (Temple Bar) +1

Heavy Petting Zoo (Bad Dog Tavern) +1

Jamo’s (Bad Dog Tavern) +1

Clever Girl (Logan Bar & Grill) +1

Queef Wellington (Justin’s Bar) +1

Southern Comfort (Merkle’s Bar & Grill) +1

Poop Shoot Riot (The Green Lady) +1

Show Me Picard’s Flute! (Riverview Tavern) +1

Socialist Twerkers Party (Mystic Celt) +1

Team Slytherin (Justin’s Bar) +1

The Baseball Furries (The Green Lady) +1

North By Northwestern (Declan’s Irish Pub) +1

Wolverines (Rockit Burger Bar) +1

Take 5 (Chuck’s Southern Comforts Café) +1

Simple Simon (Bar 63) +1

Comfortably Dumb (Declan’s Irish Pub)

Mexico City Single Women’s Bible Club (Temple Bar) +1

Purple Rain (Honky Tonk BBQ)

Sexy Monkey Fish (Logan Bar & Grill) +1

Heisenburns (Northside Bar & Grill) +1

Big Alba: The Final Chapter (Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill) +1

Anustart (Waterhouse Tavern & Grill) +1

Quoi de Neuf (Racine Plumbing) +1

Rick Gross, CPA (Declan’s Irish Pub) +1

Junk Lovers (Chuck’s Southern Comforts Café) +1

Ladennifer Jadaniston (Logan Bar & Grill) +1

Plus Sized Wheatleys (New Line Tavern) +1

Ted Danzas (F. O’Mahony’s)  +1

The Shih Tzu Poos (Mystic Celt) +1

My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don’t (Wheel House) +1

Thundercats, Thundercats, Thundercats, Ho! (Justin’s Bar) +1

Mugsy’s (Mickey’s Bar & Patio) +1

Words With Benefits (Justin’s Bar) +1

FIGJAM (Chuck’s Southern Comforts Café) +1

Darwinian Daycare (Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill) +1

Chick Fil-A-Tio (Declan’s Pub) +1

Cupid Stunts (Cork & Kerry) +1

Purple Raccoons (New Line Tavern) +1

Hey Girl Hey (Bar 63) +1

TBBT (3 Corners Grill & Tap)

Goldstein on Christian Mingle (Mickey’s Bar & Patio) +1

Steamboat Willy Wonka (Temple Bar) +1

Literally Illiterate (F. O’Mahony’s) +1

Jackie Treehorn Allstars (High Noon Saloon) +1

Lost Angelenos (Racine Plumbing) +1

Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness (Riverview Tavern) +1

The Lady Birds (Waterhouse Tavern) +1

Party of Five (Waterhouse Tavern) +1

Dinosaur Jr. Vs. Mothra (Delcan’s Irish Pub) +1

Ball Sacagawea (Bar 63)

The Mandy Patinkin Project (Waterhouse) +1

A Bunch of F***ing Amateurs (Crossroads Public House) +1

The Cunning Linguists (Village Inn Pizzeria) +1

Cerebral Ballsy (Crossroads Public House) +1

Tour De My Pants (Northside Bar & Grill) +1

Van Buren Boys (Northside Bar & Grill) +1

Low Midnight Cantina (High Noon Saloon)

Bay City Rollers (Northside Bar & Grill) +1

The Oneders (Crosstown Pub & Grill) +1

Fingercuffs and a Few Pinkies (Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill) +1

Krokodil Rock (McNamara’s) +1

Duderus (The Beetle) +1

Jerry’s Kids (Cork & Kerry) +1

Dumb As Shit (High Noon Saloon)

Blurred Minds (Racine Plumbing)

Drinking Ourselves Average (Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill) +1

Skool U (Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill) +1

Ca$h For Goldschlager (High Noon Saloon) +1

Hot Topic Fall Collection (Division Ale House) +1

Sexy Specs (Justin’s Bar) +1

Project Pat (Rockit Burger Bar)

Jump the Sharknado (McNamara’s) +1

Hold On To Your Butts Classic (Northside Bar & Grill) +1

Smarty Pints (Honky Tonk)

DBS (3 Corners Grill & Tap) +1

It’s Not Whaddayaknow – It’s Whoddayaknow! (Bad Dog Tavern) +1